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Research Institutions


Research Center of Advanced Polymers

» Director . Claudio Toro A.

Collaborative regional organization, created to give solutions in terms of polymeric materials and in the manufacturing products. Thus with the purpose of contribute to the competiveness and development of Bio Bio Region, maximizing the knowledge transference, technologies and developing technical assistance.

› Technological Development Unit

» Director . Alex Berg G.

Excellence center oriented to the industrial implementation of forestry biorefineries; it means the replacement of fossilized resources by raw material from forestry activity as a source of materials, chemical products and energy. Both scientifically and technologically, UDT is a main reference in these areas and contribute to national economic development and drives a new forest industry: sustainable, differentiated and high value-added products.

› Biotechnology Center

» Director . Jaime Rodríguez G.

The center is created in response to the Development Strategy of the Bio Bio in 2000-2006, defined by the participation of the regional community, providing efficient and innovative way to economic and social development, by training, transfer and innovation in biotechnology of renewable natural resources.

› Applied Economic Geology Institute 

» Director . Úrsula Kelm

The institute is based on research and development in terms of mineralogy and mineral chemistry, adding some new techniques and innovative solutions to optimize and incorporate high add- value to the productive chain in the geological mining and metallurgical field.

Optics and Photonics Center

» Director . Carlos Saavedra R.

Scientific research center , unique in Chile, bringing together a consolidated group of physicists and engineers linked to the Optics and Quantum Information , Opto -electronics, Nondestructive Characterization of Materials , nonlinear optics and Satellite Remote Sensing Technology . It also collaborates with industry to implement development programs and technology transfer of high social and economic impact.

Environmental Sciences Center

» Director . Alejandra Stehr G.

This center is oriented to Research, Training, Extension and Technical Assistance on environmental issues; Develops and coordinates research in environmental sciences, both, promoting and organizing the transfer of knowledge and the provision of services to the productive, public and private sector. It also promotes the development of interdisciplinary scientific collaboration with other Chilean and foreign universities, in the framework of inter-university cooperation.

Ecosystems Research Center in Patagonia

» Director . Giovanni Daneri

Regional Cooperative Development Corporation nonprofit that responds to the need for regional sustainable development issues in the Aysen region, through pertinent to the interests of the community and the various public and private production fields of excellence and scientific research.

Agroindustrial Technology Development Center

» Director . Rudi Radrigán E.

Center dedicated to the development of practices and agro-industrial products, strengthening the link between the University and the productive sector, both public area programs and initiatives of the private area. His main field of action is to develop technologies and specialized services in the areas of process engineering, product development, post-harvest of fruits and vegetables, developing tools and procedures.

Advanced Microcospy Center

» Director . Francisco Nualart S.

Center of excellence for more than 6 years has generated a free confocal microscopy through management of funding, providing technical services, and consulting microscopy. The center is characterized by contributing to research, development and innovation in the country, through the provision of services and the transfer of scientific knowledge and technology frontier.

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